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Phillippa Cranston Baran is a Canadian writer and award-winning film producer specializing in education, youth, and indigenous issues. She is the writer/producer of hundreds of film and video projects including the 32-part national television series The Seekers.

When her brother, Toller Cranston, 2-time Olympian and distinguished international artist, passed away suddenly in Mexico in January 2015, Phillippa became Estate Trustee. She established the Toller Cranston Foundation and remains dedicated to building and consolidating her brother’s legacy in Canada and around the world.

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Design TO Exhibition
Toller Cranston – The Painter: An Exhibition of Original Works
January 23 – January 27, 2023
Exhibition In-Person

Toller Cranston (1949-2015) had the distinction of being an internationally acclaimed Canadian painter, Olympic athlete and a Member of the Order of Canada. Toller always considered himself an artist first. He painted actively throughout his competitive skating career, making enough money from the sale of his art to cover his skating expenses. His first solo exhibition was held in the home of his skating coach, Ellen Burka. Today his original works his paintings have been featured in more than 250 exhibitions around the world and are included in prominent private and corporate collections worldwide. His distinctive painting style, rich in global influences, androgynous figures, extraordinary florals, and invented landscapes along with Dali-esque angular forms that shock and alter perceptions attract a universal audience. His style hints at various art movements (Surrealism, Cubism, Expressionism), but is ultimately only definable as Toller’s. This exhibition features a selection of 15 original oil paintings and other memorabilia from the Toller Cranston Estate Art Collection.

The Toller Metamorphosis Show @ Interseccion Gallery Fabrica Aurora, February 4, 5-8pm

Hola queridos amigos!

I am super excited to be returning to San Miguel de Allende next week for the opening of a new show at the Interseccion Gallery at Fabrica Aurora.

It is a Toller show with a twist. While Toller is widely known as one of San Miguel’s most celebrated artists, and he is certainly one of its most iconic personalities, in this show of breath-taking photographs, the artist has become the model. The photographs by internationally renowned performance photographer, Cylla Von Tiedemann are remarkable. Although they were taken in the 1980’s, they have have never been seen or exhibited before this year. Like Toller, these photos were very much ahead of their time.

Both the photographer, Cylla Von Tiedemann, and Toronto gallerist Donna Child, will be present for the opening.

Hope to see you at Aurora on the 4th. Big hugs and all best wishes,


8th Annual Memorial Tribute – Remembering Toller Cranston: 1949-2015

Thanks to you all for your love and support.


Watch the Ice Theatre of New York’s 2015 Benefit Gala honoring Toller Cranston!

Hi Everyone, 

We are super pleased to let you know  that Toller Cranston: The Ice, the Paint and the Passion has just been announced as a Finalist for the Sutherland House Book Prize. The Winner will be announced early in the new year.

We are ecstatic to be in the mix with a fabulous group of contenders. You can read more about the finalists here.

Sutherland House Prize Finalists – Toller Cranston: The Ice, the Paint, the Passion, by Phillippa Cranston Baran

Many of you are aware that the last few years have had their share of challenges. It is very gratifying as this year winds down, to report that the future for Toller looks bright. One might say dazzling. And sparkly.

 Thanks as always for your interest and support.

Season’s Best to all.



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3. Toller Cranston: The Ice, the Paint, the Passion, by Phillippa Cranston Baran.

“If something is worth doing, it is worth overdoing” — Toller Cranston 

For millions of people worldwide, there is no need to say Cranston. He was Toller. Creative. Flamboyant. Outspoken. Whether he was winning Olympic medals, painting 20,000 paintings, judging a beauty pageant with Donald Trump, or performing for an audience that consisted only of his friend the Prime Minister of Canada, the King of Jordan, and their wives—he was a true creative force.

For decades, this Canadian icon and internationally recognized celebrity amazed, outraged, and inspired. He showed immense courage in the face of insufferable establishment negativity, stayed true and authentic, spoke up, spoke out, and did the work. He changed a sport. He changed attitudes. He changed lives. He motivated others to be brave, dream big, and chase their destiny.

Much has been written about Toller Cranston. Much has been written by Toller Cranston. Now, from the sister of an icon comes the story of a complex talent who was funny, flamboyant, and deeply human. Toller Cranston: The Ice, the Paint, and the Passion is about more than the extraordinary achievements and legendary battles: it captures the voices of those who knew Cranston, admired him, competed with him, and were inspired by him—a cohort of world and Olympic champions, curators and collectors, LGBTQ artists and performers, as well as a host of colourful characters and fans who intersected with his extraordinary life. Together they reveal the profound and lasting impact that Cranston had and continues to have on other people.

Phillippa Cranston Baran is a former university film professor and award-winning writer/producer. She has a faded scar on her left thigh acquired at age twelve when her younger brother kicked her with his skates because she refused to twirl him.


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